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bb peace

Boy Bands KJMP-POP

Love all KJMP-POP...
Manyof this days, many boy bands show..
in the past years F4 was the most favorite band, because of the hit drama meteor garden..
But nowadays Super Juniors was the Favorite. All bands are so popular,
In korea theres 2pm, 2am, Super Juniors, DBSK, Big Bang, Ft Island, Ukiss, SS501, the beast,Shinee and many more.
In Japan there are kat-tun, arashi, Hey say Jump, V6, news, kis my ft two, Abc-z, d-boys and many more.
In china, Taiwan there are Dong cheng wei, club183, Go Go Club,BoBo, K-one, A-one, Bang BAng Tang,hit 5, and lots more..
And here in Philippines the new boyband here XLR8..

Just support your favorite band, but dont be offend to the other band. just appreciate what they are.. All fans are good. just support each other..

Im nozomi kizumi you're KJMP-POP